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Hunting Experience: The charm of English Hunting

Aktualisiert: 25. Sept. 2023

Hunting trips are always more than just the pursuits and shooting of an animal. It’s about the places, culture and people of the areas we visit. I have personally spent a lot of my time hunting in different parts of the world, soaking up the traditions and being fascinated by the different foods, drinks, clothing and hospitality that every different situation provided. I can remember thinking each time I experienced this, that my home country in England didn’t have much to offer from this point of view. Sure we had plenty of animals, probably more species than most other countries in Europe. We also had things like Muntjac and Chinese water deer (CWD) which you don’t find anywhere else in sustainable numbers. I did consider that the driven shooting of grouse, pheasant and partridge has very strong traditions in the Uk and Ireland and maybe this was the main draw to travelling hunters.

Role on a few years and I am now running hunting and fishing trips in different parts of Europe. Because my home county of suffolk has such high quantities of quality Muntjac and CWD and the fact I have been hunting them most of my life, it seemed obvious to offer these hunts as well. I knew that it would be popular as most Americans and European’s who know about these species, want to experience hunting them. I did think that the main attraction would be their rarity, as I thought this was all that this hunt could offer. My philosophy of running guided hunting has always been that you not only guide but also host your clients. Because of the movements of deer we normally run our hunts in the mornings and afternoon/evenings, this gives the perfect opportunity for me to show the clients the surrounding area and a little bit of Suffolk life. This originally was more of a time filler and a chance to get to know my guests better, rather than seeing it as an important part of their trip.

Since the dreaded Covid pandemic my winters have been increasingly busy with guiding people for both Muntjac and CWD. As mentioned most of my groups are either from America or Europe, I normally recommend groups of hunters to spend around three days with me for the hunting. The success rates have been very high and pretty much all of my foreign clients have had hunting achievements. This has not been much of a surprise due to the volumes of deer that we have and the time we take to monitor the deers habits. What has been a surprise however, is the reaction my clients have had towards the rest of the trip. They have loved every aspect of it, from the accommodation, the meals and especially the time spent In country pubs. These are things that growing up with, I had always taken for granted. But now it seems that the unique country life of England, adds the extra bit of star dust that makes hunting here a little bit special. I have asked some of my guests to put into one word what it is that makes the hunting here different, and one word is often repeated….Charm.

So now that I have had the privilege of spending time with lots of foreign hunters, I can see just how important our English traditions and lifestyle is to provide the complete hunting trip. I have now worked hard to create a network of different establishments for accommodation, meals, drinks and sites of interest. We can provide everything from private dining experiences with some of the counties best chefs, high end pub food or the ever popular fish and chips on the beach. There is also a huge array of local pubs, providing quality ales, wines and spirits and each with its own individual experience and characters who frequent them. Although all these different options will undoubtedly suit some peoples budgets differently to others. One thing remains the same, they are all perfect examples of English country life and all have that element of charm.

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